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About Token Farm

"When you tokenize a business, an idea or a value, you are creating a part of the real world into the imutability of Blockchain."

Amando Boncales
HTMLCOIN, a hybrid blockchain infrastructure that integrates EVM smart contracts into Bitcoin Core protocols, is releasing major developments that bring blockchain technology closer to mass adoption. The ALTHASH web platform released on September 28, 2018, will support DAPPs built on the HTMLCOIN’s ALTHASH blockchain. In the next six to twelve months, at least twenty-five DAPPs will be released, ranging from e-governance (e.g., vote tracking) to healthcare (e.g., newborn registration) to e-learning to art (e.g., registration of artists’ creations).
Three DAPPs were released initially as use cases: MyOffspring, an application for registering newborns and creating digital certificates on the blockchain, and the TokenFarm, which enables anyone to create tokens by filling out a form in less than a minute and is particularly useful for business owners who want to reward loyal customers, and ALTProof, to be used as blockchain documents register. HTMLCOIN team encourage and support DAPPs created by its community, curating their contents and making them available on the Web Platform.

Project Status Know all the team behind

Branding & Design 100%
MVP & Development 100%
Active Users 100%
Marketing Campaign 50%
Token Farm was created to serve as a tokenization platform at Althash. Over the years, hosted on the althash.org platform, it served as a basis for the creation of the largest projects ever developed within Htmlcoin. Bunker, Codex, Biffy, Lottochain, Photizo, Super Fun, Etoken, Al-Buraq, Cryptic Mag, Auto Sales Wear, Roy ... all of this tokens and much more were created using Token Farm.
In a simple, intuitive and, mainly, inexpensive way, you can in a matter of minutes, and without advanced knowledge of programming or Blockchain, create your own cryptocurrency and / or utility token. In addition, you will not need to have a team allocated to maintain your project, our developers work in partnership with the most relevant projects and their developers to make ideas come true.


Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to create a coin/token under Althash Platform?
Costs vary depending on the smart contract used, but it is usually less than 1 single Htmlcoin for common contracts with simple functions (For example to create a token). Even for complex contracts, like Lottochain for example, the costs are still under 1 Htmlcoin for gas.
How many tokens can I create?
You can create as many tokens you want. There is no limit.
How can i manage my tokens ?
You can keep them stored at Htmlcoin Desktop, Mobile and Web wallets and trade them at exchanges. There you will be able to do transfers, control balances, check history and many others functions.
How can others see my token´s transfers ?
At explorer.htmlcoin.com you will be able to check every balance of any address in our Blockchain, not only your token but others as well.
Can i list and trade my tokens on exchanges ?
Yes, we provide all necessary technical background to make possible the listing. We have some partners exchanges working as HRC20 Warehouse, like Htmlbunker, all third-parties exchanges.
Does Htmlcoin gives support for new projects together ?
Yes, we are always making connections with community members to develop together the best ideas and make the world a trustable and good place.


"Blockchain provides the best experience in keeping public data safe and imutable.""

M. Gandra
All transactions are recorded at this encrypted ledger forever while the nodes are up keeping the network active. Our number of nodes increases every year making Htmlcoin/Althash an stable and safe option for your business.
The Proof of Stake protocol was added to not only improve this features but to increase our network safety agains attacks and hackers, as well.

"Blockchain provides the best experience in keeping public data safe and imutable.""

M. Gandra
It´s quick and fast to create a token/coin at Althash Token Farm. With few clicks and one single wallet you will receive all coins and will be able to start your blockchain/crypto business.
Check your balance, transactions, audit and explore all data and money transfers. Create smart contracts, build decentralized applications. Whatever your mind can concept in terms of imutability, trust and transparency, Blockchain is the best option indeed.

"Blockchain provides the best experience in keeping public data safe and imutable.""

M. Gandra
Althash / Htmlcoin provides a whole infrastructure of groups in different languages, in the most varied nationalities, in different social networks, all moderated and related to the tokens created on our platform and Htmlcoin.
You will be able to publicize your project, get support and even investors in our growing community. And if your idea is very good, our team can invite you to be part of our family and grow it together.

"Blockchain provides the best experience in keeping public data safe and imutable.""

M. Gandra
Your token and all its transactions are fully traceable ensuring transparency, security and reliability to users of your cryptocurrency / token.
Through our block explorer, all transactions are traceable and public.

"Blockchain provides the best experience in keeping public data safe and imutable.""

M. Gandra
Instead of spending millions in building your own blockchain infrastructure and construct a history among crypto users, you can take all advantages of a long-time existing network with all expertise necessary to grow your Blockchain business.
The only cost involved is the fee amount used to pay miners. And it costs only mili-cents of dolar per transaction. All wallets, softwares and platforms are avaliable on github to build your own customization if needed.

What people say?

To create Photizo Dapp was one of the most exciting projects of my life!

Samuel Bright - PHOTIZO TOKEN

What people say?

Althash made possible to create Codex Token in the faster way.

Brett Hitmull - CDEX TOKEN

What people say?

Token Farm made possible the fundraising of Htmlbunker!

Márcio Gandra - BUNK TOKEN

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