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"Project management tools can take more time to use than to produce what is beeing reported, in many cases."

Marcio Gandra
Instash was born initially to made easy and safe the project management. Like using Instagram, you will be able to send fast posts with pictures but about your activity to your team, in a specific timeline set by you or your organization. With the timestamping hash system, it will make all posts imutables and auditables.
But you can go much more far away, you can simple register and timestamp whatever you want to. Instahash enable timestamps for media files, proof of ownership, proof of integrity, and proof of existence of project tasks and every routine life tasks that should be registered with imutability.
Marcio Gandra
Business Modeling
Heitor Souza
Victor Souza
Digital Hawk Team

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One excellent use case for Blockchains is digital stamping. Imagine it like a digital notary service, but contrary to a traditional notary service you don’t need a trustworthy third party. The blockchain itself provides all the characteristics of a trusted third party: it facilitates secure online transactions, it is a decentralized and distributed network, and registered transactions cannot be altered retroactively. This allows the participants to verify and audit transactions in an inexpensive manner.
Stamping a file on the blockchain proves that the document existed at that particular point of time. If the user has signed the document before stamping, then he may undeniably claim that the document was in his possession at the time of the stamping. Another advantage is that you can prove the files origin, date, authenticity and integrity, without exposing its contents.

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