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"We are implementing decision agronomy tools to enable agronomists and seed growers to register and audit timely information impacting world agriculture."

Marcio Gandra
Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Volpe Center published a report discussing the use of blockchain for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Otherwise referred to as drones, these UAS are used for several purposes from recreational use, carrying medicines and transplant organs, to operating flamethrowers and machine guns.
But there is a use case for drones and blockchain that is on the table of agribusiness discussions. An agricultural drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle used to help optimize agriculture operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields. ... Agricultural drones let farmers see their fields from the sky, and blockchain to make all generated data trustable.
Marcio Gandra
EVP of Innovation & Technology
Ilo Rivero
IoT Developer

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Almost 84 percent say they use drones either daily or more than once a week. Crop monitoring, at 73 percent, is the most popular usage of drones by farmers, followed by soil and field analysis at 46 percent and health assessment of crops and livestock at 43 percent.
Drones can provide a lot of primary scientific data. The value-add of drones, is the ability to capture really ephemeral activities, things that change on the landscape really quickly, and if registered on Blockchain it will produce trust and reliability in the business and with all partners involved.

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