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"Scheduling transactions for future execution is the beggining of decentralized finance solutions in Althash Platform."

Amando Boncales
Althash Smart Scheduling was developed to automate smart contracts that depends on decentralized time delay actions. Built over Althash Blockchain, using Htmlcoin as gas, it does guarantee the immutability of the scheduled transactions, from simple transfers to complex contracts.
The Defi revolution is not only one more hype in crypto scene. Decentralized Finance concept is the revolution of financial services with trust and immutability allowed by Blockchain technology, it is a natural path that is emerging nowadays, and it will not stop. The Htmlcoin / Althash follows every big trends since its creation in 2014, passing through smart contracts adition in 2017, tokenization platform in 2018, non fungible tokens in 2020 and now Defi.

Project Status Know all the team behind

Smart Contracts 90%
MVP & Development 75%
Defi Dapps 60%
To allow developers to build their applications on Althash Blockchain for DeFi dapps with ease, we are preparing lots of dapps, codes, scripts and tutorials showing them how to explore the Defi possibilities using the Althash platforms. One of the first products is a trustless way of scheduling transactions for the future. A TimeNode is an off-chain execution agent that acts as the counterparty to transactions that are scheduled on the Althash Smart Clock. When someone schedules a transaction, it will later be executed by a TimeNode for profit.
In few words, smart contracts always need to be “called” by someone or something. If you have a DeFi dapp that needs actions to be scheduled in the future, you will need always to run the call from your wallet. But, what if you have a network of users doing these transactions for you and profiting on that? With Althash Smart Clock, you will not only be able to schedule transactions in a timeline, but also process and earn from a list of scheduled actions from other users. It´s a big step for building any DeFi dapp with trust that future required actions will be executed.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is Defi on Althash?
DeFi is an abbreviation of the phrase decentralized finance which generally refers to the digital assets and financial smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications (DApps) built on Althash / Htmlcoin Blockchain. In simpler terms, it's financial software built on the blockchain that can be pieced together like Money Legos.
What are the objectives ?
The objective of DeFi is to give you full control of your assets, and it can because of decentralization and blockchain technology. ... Anyone can store, trade, and invest their assets in blockchain securely and earn a much higher return than from the traditional financial system.
What is a Defi Dapp ?
Primarily built on the Ethereum network, DeFi applications provide users with traditional financial services but in a decentralized, borderless manner that enables anyone across the globe with an internet connection to gain access to financial products and services.
Is Defi safe ?
Indeed, there have been several instances in recent history that have revealed that while DeFi platforms may not be at risk of security breach in the same kinds of ways that centralized platforms are–but they certainly aren't completely safe from harm.
Is it possible to use Defi as lending platform ?
DeFi, in general, encompasses financial services which are transparent, decentralized, and trustless. Instead of having to go to a bank to get a loan, provide your ID and credit score, then have a human assess your situation and decide whether you can get the money, with DeFi it's all algorithmic.
Is Compound Finance safe?
For both lenders and borrowers, the main risk with Compound Finance is the potential for hackers to exploit or hack the smart contracts that make Compound work. By doing so, they could steal crypto locked up in Compound's smart contracts.


"This is the most obvious benefit. Because blockchain transactions don't require intermediaries, processes can be made more efficient and less expensive."

A. Raheem
We will prepare native versions for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Alternatively you will be able to run it from the web platform.
The costs of the gas transactions (used to reward the network miners that validate the transactions) is very unexpressive per transaction/register, mili-cents of dollar.

"Fewer people means faster turnaround."

V. Hoffman
Transactions that might take days waiting for multiple sign-offs can be concluded in seconds.
And you can also automate tasks using smart contracts to speed up your business.

"Any digital asset can use blockchain, including difficult-to-protect items like multimedia and email records."

I. Rivero
Companies in the intellectual property space – such as law firms and stock photo agencies – can consider using blockchain to offer new services that benefit both buyers and content creators.
Through our block explorer, all registers are traceable and auditable.

"Blockchain provides the best experience in keeping public data safe and imutable.""

T. Compan
The banks hope the move will unleash a gusher of innovation around new products and services based upon this technology.
Blockchain is likely to get a boost from the recent move by a group of more than 70 of the world's largest financial institutions to make their co-developed blockchain platform freely available under an open source license.

What people say?

"With smart contracts, non fungible tokens, lots of dapps working and in production, and decentralized finance, Althash has a great future."

Heitor Souza - Sou Studio

What people say?

"It will be perfect for Lottochain.io´s draws to schedule all functions."

Thiago Compan

What people say?

"Defi is not a single hype, Defi is the evolution of traditional finance system."

P. Dias - Blockchain Dev.

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