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"When you tokenize a business, an idea or a value, you are creating a part of the real world into the imutability of Blockchain."

Amando Boncales
Widely known as the technology underpinning the digital currency bitcoin, blockchain has acquired a new identity in the enterprise. Today, more than 40 top financial institutions and a growing number of companies across industries are experimenting with distributed ledger technology.
There are many ways to verify the authenticity of paper documents, including watermarks, signatures and embossed seals. But digital assets present a problem. Documents in digital form can be modified and copied with no one being the wiser. That makes them difficult to trust. There are many products and services that provide secure and verified document management, but they can be expensive and often require the involvement of a third party.

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Blockchain is a digital mechanism that enables people who don't know each other to engage in trusted transactions with full confidence in the integrity of the assets being exchanged.
It does this by embedding authentication into the document itself and using a closed loop tracking system to protect against tampering or modification. If you've ever used a synchronized file-sharing system like DropBox or Microsoft OneDrive, you know basically how the process works. Those services enable people to share files and retain local copies by synchronizing the files between everyone who shares them. If one person changes a document, the new version is automatically copied to everyone else's local folder.


Frequently Asked Questions
How can i assure the integrity of the document hash on blockchain?
Every party in a blockchain network gets a "golden copy" of the document containing the embedded block. If the document changes, a new block is added and the revised file is synchronized throughout the network, a process that usually takes just seconds. As more changes are made, new blocks are added, forming a chain. That blockchain is both an audit trail and a version tracking system. Each block represents an earlier version of the document, enabling anyone to backtrack to see what was changed.
How it is beeing used by fintechs?
Blockchain also uses a distributed record-keeping system called a ledger that keeps track of changes to assets within the chain. Unlike a bank or financial accounting system, the ledger isn't centralized, but is distributed to all the computers in the chain. As long as all documents have the same blockchain signature, everything is fine. However, if a version of a document is introduced that doesn't match the blockchain signatures of the others (which are tracked in the ledger), it's rejected. This ensures against fraud or manipulation.
What is the Blockchain Document Register advantages ?
Blockchain has several unique advantages. One is anonymity. Parties who come to a blockchain can engage in trusted exchanges without revealing their identities, which cuts down on time. Another is blockchain's distributed structure. Any two or more people can create a blockchain without going through the process of registering with a central authority. They can even create private blockchains that have different custom security definitions that limit what participants in the chain can do. In all cases, the parties to the blockchain decide what the rules are.
Tell me more about others uses
It's important to note that blockchain doesn't apply just to documents. It can be used with any kind of digital asset, such as images, video files and email backups. Blockchain is becoming particularly popular in intellectual property businesses. For example, professional photographers can use it to manage licensing rights to their creations and even to enable royalty payments.
What role can blockchain technology play in records management ?
There are several. First, you can register records on a blockchain to prove their authenticity. Think of certifying legal documents, financial statements, applications, and so on. Blockchain technology is also valuable in compliance use cases. You can register audit-trail documentation for proof of process—who did what, when and for how long.
Where are you seeing the adoption of blockchain for records-keeping?
The public sector is really at the forefront here. State legislatures across the U.S. are updating their records laws so that public documents and data recorded via blockchain technology are legally valid. The state of Delaware, for example, allows corporations to maintain articles of incorporation and shareholder lists on a blockchain. And many states, including Illinois and Maine, have passed laws that mandate studies to explore the practical use of blockchains in government record-keeping.


"This is the most obvious benefit. Because blockchain transactions don't require intermediaries, processes can be made more efficient and less expensive."

A. Raheem
There's no need for auditors or legal professionals to validate the authenticity of information, so those costs come out of the process.
The costs of the gas transactions (used to reward the network miners that validate the transactions) is very unexpressive/transaction/register.

"Fewer people means faster turnaround."

V. Hoffman
Transactions that might take days waiting for multiple sign-offs can be concluded in seconds.
And you can also automate tasks using smart contracts to speed up your business.

"Handoff points are a prime vulnerability, and blockchain effectively eliminates them."

A. Boncales
The fewer participants there are in a transaction, less risk there is that something could go wrong.

"Any digital asset can use blockchain, including difficult-to-protect items like multimedia and email records."

I. Rivero
Companies in the intellectual property space – such as law firms and stock photo agencies – can consider using blockchain to offer new services that benefit both buyers and content creators.
Through our block explorer, all registers are traceable and auditable.

"Blockchain provides the best experience in keeping public data safe and imutable.""

T. Compan
The banks hope the move will unleash a gusher of innovation around new products and services based upon this technology.
Blockchain is likely to get a boost from the recent move by a group of more than 70 of the world's largest financial institutions to make their co-developed blockchain platform freely available under an open source license.

What people say?

To run your business, you must manage an ever-growing volume and variety of assets and information.

Erni Souza - Fullstack Developer

What people say?

Your physical records, electronic data, media tapes, vital records and other assets can be safely stored in

Syed Khalid - Al-Buraq Token

What people say?

From critical business information to geological samples and original recordings of treasured artists, Blockchain protect what you value most.

P. Dias - Blockchain Dev.

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